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The Nissan Skyline has been around for quite some time. It was supposed to be around longer than the Lancer but it went on hiatus in 1973 (which was around the same time the Lancer came out) and came back in 1989. Immediately after it came back from being discontinued for almost 16 years the codenamed “Godzilla” made its return a sure worth the wait. It immediately won 29 races consecutively at the Japanese circuit. Even though the name “Skyline” did not really come from the then Nissan or Datsun they really made something out of the line that was bought from Prince. 

Nissan only managed to come up with 2 models before they decided to let it rest for the meantime. The first model came out 1969 and it ran for 3 years. True to the more recent models of the Skyline it was offered both in 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan. The second generation was then released and it ran for only a year and it only offered the 2-door coupe.

The third generation was the first come back after 16 years of hibernation. The Nissan Skyline GT-R E-BNR32 or the R32 for short has grown its reputation quite fast since it had won a number of races within the 5 years of its run (1989-1994). This model was only offered with the 2-door coupe with a 2.6L engine and a 4 wheel drive system. It is not entirely  a very fuel efficient system that would be attractive to a family who is starting out or a young professional who’s getting his/her first car. Nissan had a different market in mind. They wanted a car that can be driven in everyday roads but would not feel out of place on the track.

The 4th generation the model aptly called as the R-33 understandably fixed the problems that the R-32 had which was the weak oil pump drive collar. This time around the model was offered with the 4-door sedan body type much like the first generation. Even though the R-33 and the R-32 shares basically the same turbochargers and engine, this is the model where Nismo came into the picture and tweaked the car and looked into how far it could go which was dubbed as Nismo 400R.

Come 1999 we now see the 5th and last generation of the Skyline. The R34 made it on record as an introduction of Japan in coming up with a proper super car. Come to think of it, Japan did come up with decent sports cars in the past but they appeared too tamed or too technologically endowed that it detached the driver from the action of driving. Even though it only went on a 3 year production run it definitely was regarded as worthy replacement of the former models. It is the first model to feature the LCD which displays various details about the car in real time. The very last run of production was called the GT-R V-spec II Nur (to name it after the infamous German racetrack the Nurburgring).

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